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The public area of the Bidfood supplier site gives our current and prospective suppliers an overview of how we operate and the standards we expect from our suppliers. There are three main sections:

The sections are for guidance only, and are a summary of requirements for Bidfood suppliers. Full details of all requirements can be accessed after a password has been allocated. Your Bidfood contacts will advise any additional requirements during the product listing process.

If you are a supplier who wishes to start trading with Bidfood, you should ensure that you read all three guides to ensure you understand our basic requirements. You should then complete the ‘Pre-Supply Checklist’ to assess how closely you meet our requirements. The completed checklist, along with any relevant product details and some background details on your company, should be sent to the Bidfood buyer you are dealing with or

If the buyer considers that your products could be of interest to Bidfood, you will be contacted directly. If the buyer is looking to list your products you will be allocated a password which allows access into the main Bidfood Supplier area of the website. This section includes detailed information about supplying Bidfood and all standard forms to be completed for Commercial, Supply Chain and QA purposes. There are two elements: supplier approval and product information. Completion of forms and provision of information will enable Bidfood to determine if a supplier and their products meet our requirements, and therefore may be considered for future purchase. Access to the password protected area of the website does not imply any commitment by Bidfood to purchase products from the supplier.

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